हलवाई जैसी नारियल बर्फी घर पर बनाने का सबसे आसान तरीका | Halwai Style Ba...

हलवाई जैसी नारियल बर्फी घर पर बनाने का सबसे आसान तरीका | Halwai Style Barfi Recipe | Coconut Fudge

5 मिनट में बनाये हलवाई जैसी नारियल बर्फी इस लॉकडाउन में | Nariyal Barfi Recipe | Instant Coconut Barfi
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* Milk (दूध) - 1 cup
* Sugar (चीनी) - 200 grams/1+1/4 bowl
* Desiccated coconut (नारियल बुरादा) - 225 grams/ 3 cup
* Fresh Cream (फ्रेश मलाई) - 3 tbsp/1/4 cup
* Food colour (फ़ूड कलर) - optional


In a pan, put some Milk and half of the Sugar in it. Boil the Milk till it becomes thick.
In another pan, put the Desiccated Coconut and roast it lightly. After 2 mins, put the remaining Sugar in it. Keep the flame slow and then put the thick Milk and some fresh Milk Cream/Ghee in it and mix it well.
Grease a tray with Ghee/Oil and put half of the mixture in it. In the remaining mixture, put some pink Food Colour/Beetroot Juice and mix it then put it in the tray. Keep the Barfi aside for 10 mins.
Cut the Coconut Fudge/Barfi in pieces. Apply a Silver Leaf or garnish it with some chopped Dry Fruits. In this way, Coconut Barfi will get ready easily at home without Mawa, Ghee and Milk Powder.

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