Shikanji Premix | नींबू के पाउडर से शिकंजी बनेगी मिनटों में और इसे स्टोर...

Shikanji Premix | नींबू के पाउडर से शिकंजी बनेगी मिनटों में और इसे स्टोर कीजिये महीनों तक |

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* Lemon (निम्बू)
* Sugar (चीनी)


Take out some Lemon Juice and put it in a plate. Put some Sugar in it and mix it well. Don’t stir it again and again and keep it for drying below the fan. Don’t keep it in the sunlight and stir it at once after 8-10 hours. It will get dry in 3-4 days then put it in the mixer jar, add some Rock Salt and grind them in the powdered form.
In this way, Lemon Powder will get ready. Keep it in the air tight jar, don’t keep it in the fridge and use it for long time.

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