अब कम मेहनत में बनाये साबूदाना आलू पापड़ मार्केट के पापड़ भूल जायेंगे | Sa...

अब कम मेहनत में बनाये साबूदाना आलू पापड़ मार्केट के पापड़ भूल जायेंगे | Sabudana Aloo Papad Recipe

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* Sago (साबूदाना) - 1/2 cup
* Water (पानी) - 2.5 cup
* Rock salt (सेंधा नमक) - 1/2 tsp
* Chili Flakes (चिली फ्लेक्स)
* Coriander leaves (धनिया पत्ती)
* Potato (आलू) - 125 grams
* Salt (नमक) - some


Take some Sago (Sabudana) of medium size, wash them properly and soak them for 6-7 hours or for overnight.
Then drain out its Water by putting them in the strainer.
Take a pan, put some Water in it for boiling. Put the soaked Sago in the boiling Water then put some Rock Salt in it. Boil the Sago for 5 mins then put some Chili Flakes then cover them and cook the Sago for 2 mins on low to medium flame. Then turn off the flame. Put some finely chopped Coriander Leaves and let them for cooling down.
Then grate some Potatoes, take a pan, put some Water for boiling and boil the grated Potatoes for 4-5 mins. After then, drain out its Water and put the boiled and grated Potatoes in the Sago batter and mix them.
Put a polythene sheet on a table and grease it with Oil. Then put 1 serving spoon of Sago batter and spread it to make the Papads.
After 4-5 hours, turn the Papads to the other side. In 2-3 days, Sago Papads will get ready and you can store them for 1 year.
Then fry the Papads in the heated Oil and enjoy them.

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