Malai Laddu Recipe - बाजार की मिठाई से बचे l घर में सिर्फ दूध से सुपर सॉ...

Malai Laddu Recipe - बाजार की मिठाई से बचे l घर में सिर्फ दूध से सुपर सॉफ्ट मलाई लड्डू बनाये

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* Milk (दूध) - 1.5 liter
* Lemon juice (निम्बू का रस) - as required
* Water (पानी) - some
* Sugar (चीनी) - 4 tbsp
* Sugar candy (मिश्री) - some
* Pistachio (पिस्ता) - some
* Cardamom powder (इलायची पाउडर) - some
* Fresh cream (फ्रेश मलाई) - 2-2.5 tbsp


Take some more Milk and boil it for making Chhena. When the Milk starts boiling, turn off the flame and then put some Lime Juice and Water Mixture gradually to curdle the Milk. Stir it well.
Keep a strainer on a bowl, put a cloth on the strainer and put the Curdled Milk (Chhena) in it and put some Water on it. Then keep it aside and after some time squeeze it properly.
Mash the Chhena with the masher.
Take some Milk and boil it till it becomes half of its initial quantity. Put some Sugar in the boiling Milk and make it thick. Stir it continuously and then put the Chhena in it. Mix it well and put some Cardamom Powder, Fresh Cream and cook them all.
Then turn off the flame and keep it for cooling down. Put the coarsely ground Sugar Candy (Mishri) and mix it as well. Then make the Laddoos, put the Laddoos in the paper cups and garnish the Laddoos with some chopped Pistachios.
In this way, very tasty Malai Laddoos will get ready to serve.

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