Homemade Potato Chips | मार्केट में चिप्स कैसे बनते है जानिए इस वीडियो म...

Homemade Potato Chips | मार्केट में चिप्स कैसे बनते है जानिए इस वीडियो में | Aloo Ke Chips

आलू के चिप्स बनाने ने एक दम परफेक्ट तरीका जानिए इस वीडियो में
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* Potato (आलू) - 1 cup
* Corn flour (अरारोट/कॉर्न स्टार्च) - 1 cup
* Salt/Rock salt (नमक/सेंधा नमक)
* Red chili powder (लाल मिर्च)
* Lukewarm water (गुनगुना पानी) - 2 tbsp
* Oil (तेल) - for frying


Boil some Potatoes and grate them. Put some Corn Starch, Salt and Red Chili Powder in the grated Potatoes. Mix them all and bind the dough by adding Lukewarm Water. Apply some Oil on the dough and grease some Oil on the chopping board. Divide the dough in 3-4 parts and make the rolls of the dough.
Put the rolls in the boiling Water and then cover them and cook them for at least 20 mins. Then turn off the flame and let the rolls in the boiling Water for 10 mins.
Then take out the rolls on a plate cover it with a clean wrap and keep the rolls in the fridge for overnight.
Then take out them and make the chips/wafers with the help of grater and then keep the chips for drying in the sunlight. Then fry the Chips in the heated Oil.
You can store the Chips for 1 year.

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