Corona Virus Precautions | कोरोना से न डरे रखे इन बातों का खास ध्यान | H...

Corona Virus Precautions | कोरोना से न डरे रखे इन बातों का खास ध्यान | How To Protect Yourself

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Stay at home and stay safe. Don’t go out anywhere as it will harm you and your family.
Don’t break the lock down as it is very much necessary to be safe from the severe Corona Virus.
Wash your hands again and again and sanitize your belongings like Mobile Phones, Laptop, Door Bells and many other casually used things for 2-3 times a day.
Try not to use Newspaper for some days, wash the Milk Packets before using it, wash the vegetables and fruits properly before using them, don’t give your clothes for ironing from outside. Try to iron your clothes at home. Make aware your maids about this harmful Virus and give them soaps to wash hands.
Take care of your children and elder ones specially.
Make the Immunity Booster Drink for your family members with Bottle Gourd, Beet root, Cucumber, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger and you can add some Salt, Honey and Mint Leaves to enhance its taste.
It will definitely boost the immunity of you and your family members.
Help each other to fight against this harmful Corona Virus. -
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