सूजी की रसीली मिठाई बनाए बिना झंझट सॉफ्ट इतनी की गुलाब जामुन भी शरमाए | ...

सूजी की रसीली मिठाई बनाए बिना झंझट सॉफ्ट इतनी की गुलाब जामुन भी शरमाए | Rava Mithai | Sooji Rasbhari

सूजी की रसीली मिठाई जो गुलाब जामुन से भी ज्यादा सॉफ्ट बनेगी
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* Semolina (सूजी) - 1/2 cup
* Milk (दूध) - 1 cup
* Cardamom powder (इलायची पाउडर) -some
* Saffron (केसर) - some leaves
* Ghee (घी) - 1 tbsp
* Milk powder (मिल्क पाउडर) - 2 tbsp
* Oil (तेल) - for frying
* Dry Fruits (ड्राई फ्रूट्स) - for garnishing

* Water (पानी) - 1.5 cup
* Sugar (चीनी) - 3 cup
* Cardamom powder (इलायची पाउडर) - some
* Saffron (केसर) - some
* Lemon slice (निम्बू का स्लाइस) - 1 small
* Rose water (गुलाब जल) - some


Take some fine Semolina and grind it at once. Keep a pan on the flame and roast the Semolina for 2-3 mins. Then turn off the flame.
Boil some Milk, put some Cardamom Powder and Saffron in it. Put the heated Milk in the roasted Semolina and mix it well.
Then put some more Milk and cook it on slow flame. Turn off the flame, keep it aside by covering it.
Then bind the dough of it by adding some Ghee and Milk Powder in it.
Also make Sugar Syrup with Water, Sugar, Cardamom Powder and Rose Water.
Take a dough ball, apply some Oil on the rolling board and rolling pin and roll the dough ball then cut it with the cookie cutter and give shape to the Rasbhari. In this way, make all the Rasbharis and fry them in the heated Oil.
Then dip the fried Rasbharis in the Sugar Syrup, put some chopped Dry fruits on them and let them to absorb the Sugar Syrup.
In this way, Tasty and Super Soft Rasbharis will get ready to serve.

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