Shivratri Special | व्रत हो या नाश्ता एक बार ये टेस्टी आलू का फलाहार बना...

Shivratri Special | व्रत हो या नाश्ता एक बार ये टेस्टी आलू का फलाहार बना लिया तो बार बार बनायेंगे |

बिना कोई चीज मिलाये सिर्फ आलू से बनाये टेस्टी व क्रिस्पी नाश्ता जिसे स्टोर करके महीनों तक खाये
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* Water (पानी) - some
* Potato (आलू) - 4 pieces
* Salt/Rock Salt (नमक/सेंधा नमक) - some
* Oil (तेल) - for frying


Take some Potatoes, wash them and chop them in pieces. In a pan, put some Water for boiling and then put the chopped Potatoes in the boiling Water. Put some Salt in it and boil the Potatoes and then take out them in a plate and mash them with a fork.
Apply some Oil in your hands, take a small part of mashed Potatoes and give it a shape. In this way, make the Tater Tots and keep them on a tray.
Keep the Tater Tots in the freezer for overnight and you can store them also for long time by keeping them in a zip lock pouch.
Take out the frozen Tater Tots and fry them in the heated Oil. Turn the flame medium while frying and don’t stir them too much. Fry them till the Tater Tots turn golden.

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