बिना दूध बिना मावे के बनाये मूंग की दाल का हलवा कम मेहनत मे | Moong Dal ...

बिना दूध बिना मावे के बनाये मूंग की दाल का हलवा कम मेहनत मे | Moong Dal Halwa | Instant Halwa Recipe

अब पानी से बनाएं मूंग की दाल का हलवा मिनटों में एकदम सरल तरीके से
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For Premix:-
* Moong dal(मूंग दाल) - 1 cup/200 grams
* Almond(बादाम) - 1/4 cup

For Moong Dal Halwa:-
* Dal Premix(प्रीमिक्स) - 1 cup
* Ghee(घी) - 1/2 cup
* Water(पानी) - 1.5 cup
* Sugar(चीनी) - 3/4 cup or 1 cup
* Dry fruits(सूखे मेवे) - some

Take some Moong Dal and wash it properly. Wipe it with a cotton cloth and roast the Dal in the pan. After some time put some Almonds and roast the Almonds as well with the Dal for 2-3 mins.
Then grind the Dal and Almonds coarsely and the Moong Dal Halwa Premix will get ready. You can store it for a month in an air tight jar.
In a pan, put some Ghee and Moong Dal Halwa Premix and roast it properly on low to medium flame. Then put some water in it and cook it on slow flame. Then put some more Ghee and then turn the flame slow and put some Sugar and chopped Dry Fruits in it.
Cook it well and in this way Moong Dal Halwa will get ready and you can garnish it with some chopped Dry Fruits.

Kitchen Products I Used:-
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Urad Dal Ka Halwa | सिंधी स्पेशल दाल हलवा/माजून

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