Sabudana Papad Recipe - बाजार जैसे साबूदाना पापड़ बनाये आसानी से | Sago P...

Sabudana Papad Recipe - बाजार जैसे साबूदाना पापड़ बनाये आसानी से | Sago Papad | Bhap Ke Papad |

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* Sago(साबूदाना) - 1 bowl
* Salt(नमक) - as per taste
* Food Color Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink(फूड कलर) - some drops
* Oil(तेल) - for frying


Take some small size Sago, wash them and soak it for overnight.
Put some Salt or Rock Salt in the soaked Sago and mix it. Take out some of the Sago in 4 small bowls and put different food colours in it and we will put some coloured Sago on the Papads for making it attractive.
Take the lid of the jars and grease them with Oil. Put a thin layer of the Sago in the lid and put some coloured Sago on it and make ready the other Papads in the same way.
For making Papads, put a pan on the flame by filling water in it for boiling. We will make the Papads by giving them steam. So place a strainer on the pan and keep the Papads on the strainer and cover it.
After 3-4 mins, take out the Papads and keep them for drying till the Papads become crispy.
Then fry them and enjoy the Papads.

Kitchen Products I Used:-
Sago -
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Serving plate -
Serving bowl -
Oil brush -
Kadai -
Steel jali/net cover -
Kadai with handle -
Frying jhara -

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