Puran Poli Recipe - महाराष्ट्रीयन पूरन पोली रेसिपी फूली-फूली भी और टेस्ट...

Puran Poli Recipe - महाराष्ट्रीयन पूरन पोली रेसिपी फूली-फूली भी और टेस्टी भी | Sweet Puran Poli

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For Puran:-
* Chickpea lentil(चना दाल) - 1 cup/150 grams
* Water(पानी) - 1 cup/150 grams
* Jaggery(गुड़) -150 grams
* Cardamom powder(इलायची पाउडर)
* Nutmeg(जायफल)
* Ghee(घी)

For Puran Poli Dough:-
* Wheat flour(गेहूं का आटा)- 1 bowl
* Salt(नमक) - 2 pinch
* Turmeric powder(हल्दी पाउडर)

* Water(पानी) - as required
* Oil/Ghee(तेल/ घी) - 2 tbsp

* Water(पानी) - as required
* Oil/Ghee(तेल/ घी) - 2 tbsp


Soak some Chana Dal (Chickpea Lentil) for overnight. Put some water in the cooker and when it starts boiling, put the soaked Chana Dal in it. Give it 2 whistles and then keep it on slow flame for 2-3 mins.
Sieve some Wheat Flour, put Salt, Turmeric Powder and some Oil in it and bind the soft dough.
Apply some Oil on the dough and keep it aside for some time. Grate some Jaggery.
When the pressure released, take out the Dal in the strainer and then put Chana Dal and grated Jaggery in a pan then mix them well. Mash the stuffing (Puran) and cook it till it gets dry. Put the Cardamom Powder and grated Nutmeg in it.
When the Puran gets dry, turn the flame off and keep it for cooling down. Sieve the stuffing (Puran) and make the small balls of it.
Make the dough balls as well and the dough ball should be smaller than the stuffing balls.
Take a dough ball, press it with hands and stuff the Puran in it, cover it properly and again press it by using hands and then roll it. It should not be too thick. Put the Puran Poli on the Tawa and roast it by applying Ghee on it. In this way, tasty Puran Poli will get ready to serve.

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