नाचोस व सालसा सॉस बनाने की आसान विधि | Nachos Recipe | Salsa Recipe | To...

नाचोस व सालसा सॉस बनाने की आसान विधि | Nachos Recipe | Salsa Recipe | Tortilla Chips With Salsa Dip

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For Nachos:-
* Maize flour(मक्की का आटा) - 1 cup
* Water(पानी) - 1 cup
* Baking soda(मीठा सोडा) - 2 pinch
* All purpose flour(मैदा) - 4 tbsp
* Salt(नमक) - as per taste
* Oil(तेल) - for frying

For Salsa Dip:-
* Tomatoes(टमाटर) - 1
* Onion(प्याज) - 1
* Green chili(हरी मिर्च) - 2-3
* Garlic(लहसुन) - 8 pieces
* Lemon juice(निम्बू का रस) - 1 lemon juice
* Tomatoes(टमाटर) - 2 roasted
* Kashmiri Red Chili(कश्मीरी लाल मिर्च) - 1
* Garlic powder(गार्लिक पाउडर) - 1/4 tsp
* Green coriander(हरा धनिया) - some
* Salt(नमक) - as per taste
* Freshly ground black pepper(काली मिर्च पाउडर) - some
* Tomato ketchup(टोमेटो केचप) - 1 tbsp
* Olive oil(ऑलिव आयल) - 1 tbsp

Keep some water for boiling, put some Baking Soda in it and when it starts boiling turn off the flame put some Maize Flour in it and mix it. Don’t stir it too much and cover it and keep it for 10-15 mins.
After 10 mins, put the Maize flour mixture in a big utensil and put All Purpose Flour and Salt in it then knead the dough by applying some Oil in your hands and then make some small dough balls and then take a plastic sheet, grease it with Oil. Take a dough ball by dipping it in some All Purpose Flour then cover it with the plastic sheet and press it.
Roll it as thin as you can and then keep the Chips aside for some time and then fry them on medium flame. In this way Nachos Chips will get ready.
For Salsa Sauce, take a big bowl, put some finely chopped Tomatoes, Onion, Green Chilies, Garlic and some Lime Juice in it. For giving it smoky flavour, roast the Tomatoes and Kashmiri Red Chili directly on the flame and then grind the Tomatoes and put the roasted Tomato paste in the bowl.
Then put some Garlic Powder, finely chopped Coriander Leaves, Salt, some fresh Black Pepper Powder, put roasted Kashmiri Red Chili by crushing it, some Tomato Ketchup and some Olive Oil in it and mix them well and keep it in the fridge and then serve the Nachos Chips with Salsa sauce.

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