पतले दूध से बनाये गाढ़ी और मलाईदार दही, सारे ट्रिक्स इस वीडियो में // Low...

पतले दूध से बनाये गाढ़ी और मलाईदार दही, सारे ट्रिक्स इस वीडियो में // Low Fat Curd/ Yogurt Recipe

हलवाई ऐसे जमाते हैं गाढ़ा दही, जाने सारे सीक्रेट्स/ Dahi recipe/ Low fat curd recipe

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*Toned Milk (सप्रेटा दूध) - 1 liter

*Extra Curd (जामन) - 2 tbsp


For making Curd from Toned Milk, take some Toned Milk and keep it for boiling.

When it starts boiling, keep it on medium flame for a min, then turn off the flame and keep it for cooling down at room temperature.

Then whisk the Milk properly and try to make the Curd in the clay pot for better result and if you don’t have clay pot then you can use any utensil but you have to boil the milk for a min more.

Put the extra curd in the milk and whisk it again and then put it in any utensil and cover it.

If the temperature is normal then you can keep it as it is for 4-5 hours and if the temperature is cold, then cover it with a towel.

After 4-5 hours, the Curd will get ready.

Thereafter, keep the ready Curd in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

In this way, the Curd will get ready to use.

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