बिना खोये के बनाये ये गुलाब जामुन स्वादिष्ट सॉफ्ट व नए फ्लेवर में || Gul...

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namaste, welcome to masala kitchen.
today we will make gulab jamun. it is a traditional and sweet dish which is loved by everyone
we will make this dish without using khoa because usually in rainy season khoa maava isn't good .
now we will make gulabjamun by using milk powder.
take 1 cup of (200 gm.) of milk powder of any company, 1Tbsp semolina, 2 Tsp flour, 1 tbsp ghee, 1 big bowl sugar, 1/4 Tsp baking powder, milk, water, cardamon flavour for different taste.
take a vessel, add sugar and than water turn on the flame ans let it boil.
till then we will take flour, semolina milk powder baking powder and ghee in a bowl
mix them well.
you can make this easily with the help of milk powder.
mix them by adding milk and prepare a sticky dough and keep is at rest for 5 min.
you can see sugar syrup has started boiling. we don't need thick syrup.
now add 2 to 3 cardamon to it.
now boil it for 5 min on a slow flame.
cool it and then check the stickyness. we need a bit of stickness in it.
remove it and keep the pan on (low to medium) flame.
the dough seems to be tight therefore add 1spoon of water to it, also add 2 to 3 drops of color add mix it well.
give gulab jamun an appropriate shape either round or cylindrical
for giving shape rub it with your hands without creating cracks.
since it already content ghee in it therefore ghee is coming out of it.
now put it into the pan, the oil shouldn't be too hot.
in a cup of 200 ml. 10 gulab jamuns can be made.
keep the flame medium and keep stirring oil and gulab jamuns, you can see gulab jamuns are floating over the surface.
you can see the actual color of gulab jamun has appeared.
you don't need to go out of your home with only few things you can prepare this for different ocassion.
the actual color of gulab jamun is this only, now you can take out the gulab jamun.
I prefer bit dark brown colored gulab jamun for dark color keep stirring it.
now gulab jamuns are ready.
keep the sugar syrup on the flame and add gulab jamun to it.
as it start boiling cover it and start boiling it on a low flame for 2 to 3 min.
keep the gulab jamun for 1 more min on the flame.
turn off the flame and keep it for 30 min/half hour.
half hour is over and you can see the sugar syrup is thickened as it is required for gulab jamun.
even you can see the color of the sugar syrup it is because we cooked it well.
since they are made up of milk powder we need to cook them well. in case of gulab jamun made of khoa we don't need to cook them.
you can see the gulab jamun are quite soft.
now if you want you can serve then directly or even you can apply coconut powder on its surface.
you can see the color of the gulab jamun from inside and outside.
you can keep it and eat it for one week. you can give it to your children.
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