मार्केट जैसी फ्रूटी घर पर मिनटों मे बनाइए || Recipe by Poonam Devnani || 

·    Today we are going to make frooti without colour or essence
·    We are taking a mango
·    Some raw mango
·    Now we wil take out the pulp of raw mango which is also known as Kerry
·    Now in a pressure cooker add water(1 – 1.5 cup) upto 2 whistles
·    And mango and raw mango
·    Now in another vessel  boil  1 litre of water and 125gm of sugar for 3-4 minutes
·    Now take out the mango from the pressure cooker and grind it and then stain the left water .
·    After the sugar syrup is at room tempreture mix it with the mango purie
·    Now keep the frooti in fridge
·    Now serve the frooti
·    Also we can also make masala frooti
·    For the masala we need
·    Roasted cumin
·    Black pepper powder
·    Mint powder
·    Chat masala
·    Grind them well
·    And your masala is ready


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