कैसे बनाये रेस्टोरेंट वाली सिरका प्याज व हेल्दी दही चटनी घर पर

·    Today we are making sirka pyaj and green chutney
·    For this we have taken baby onion
·    Half bowl sirka half bowl water
·    1 clove
·    And small piece of dal chini
·    1 tsp salt
·    ½ tsp sugar
·    Some pieces of beet root
·    Some black pepper
·    Now first put the dal chinni and clove in the onion
·    Sugar , salt, black pepper
·    Now add water and sirka
·    Put the pieces of beet root in it
·    For green chutney
·    Coriander leaves
·    Mint leaves
·    2 green chilli
·    Some ginger
·    Salt to taste
·    And curd
·    In a bowl put all these
·    And 1 tsp curd
·    Now will grind it
·    Now put the left curd and grind
·    And the green chutney  and sirka onion is ready


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