दिल्ली की पराठे वाली गली के आलू के पराठे की सीक्रेट रेसिपी

·    Today we are making aloo paratha

·    Ingredients for making the aloo paratha are

·    Whole wheat flour about 2 small bowl

·    1 boiled potato in small peices

·    pudina

·    Salt to taste

·    Red chilli powder

·    Turmeric powder

·    Dry mango powder

·    Roasted cumin powder

·    Garam masala

·    Also we will add some Fenel seeds

·    Little amount of asafoetida

·    We will take ghee

·    For making the dough

·    Add the salt to the wheat flour and prepare a dough

·    And then cover it

·    Now in a pan add ghee or refined oil

·    Put astefoetida, fenel seeds

·    Now add red chilli powder, roasted cumin seeds

·    Dry mango powder

·    Roast them

·    Then add the boiled potato

·    And add some coriander leaves

·    And mix it well

·    And take half part of the dough and with  a rolling pin make the shape of paratha

·    Add the filling on it

·    Now again  with a rolling pin make the shape

·    Now cook it well

·    And regularly toss it

·    Cut the paratha in 8 equal pieces

·    Now add ghee in a pi n and shallow fry them

·    and the parathas are ready 



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