keema kaleji without mutton


·                Today we are going to keema kaleji with pav
·                So ,now lets start with the ingredients first
·                Firstly , we need 200gm paneer
·                2 tomatoes fine chopped
·                1 onion also chopped
·                3 tbsp fresh curd
·                Little amount of ginger , chopped
·                1 green chilli
·                1 tbsp kasuri methi
·                Salt to taste
·                2 tsp coriander powder
·                Half tsp turmeric powder
·                Half tsp garam masala
·                Half tsp roasted cumin powder (bhuna jeera powder)
·                1 tsp kashmiri red chilli powder
·                Little amount of mutton masala
·                If it is not available in the market so we can increase the amount of garam masala
·                And refined oil
·                One imortant ingredient 2 tsp tea leaves (chai patti)
·                Now we will boil some water
·                About 1.5 cup
·                Now add the chai patti in it.
·                Now cut pieces of paneer
·                Now pour the boiled water onto the pieces of paneer
·                Keep the mixture untouched for about 45 to 60 minutes
·                Wash the paneer pieces with water
·                Pour 1 serving spoon refined oil in the pressure cooker
·                Add the chopped onion in it
·                Then grinde the tomatoes ginger and green chilli
·                 Now add the mixture of it with the onions in the pressure cooker
·                Add coriander powder, mutton masala , (bhuna jeera powder) , turmeric powder , salt to taste , garam masala
·                Mix it properly
·                Now first add the keema
·                Now add the kaleji (paneer)
·                Add kasuri methi
·                Pour curd in it
·                And then we will mix it properly
·                also add some water
·                keema kaleji with pav is ready


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