प्याज को जलाकर बनाइए - स्वादिष्ट चावल || Sindhi Style Bhugge Chawal Recipe ||

Bhugge chawal

·                Today we are making bhugge chawal
·                For which we need
·                A bowl of rice
·                 2 Onions sliced
·                Little amount of garam masala
·                Salt
·                Red chilli powder
·                Now in a pan pour some oil
·                And put the garam masala in it
·                Now put the sliced onions in the pan and cook until they become golden-brown
·                Now add the red chilli powder and the rice in it
·                And mix it
·                Now add water (2 cup)
·                And now add salt as it is the main ingredient in this
·                Now cover the pan with the lid
·                Now after 10 minutes remove the lid
·                 Our Bhugge chawal is ready


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